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                      • Logo of Cannes Lions (Image courtesy: Twitter)

                          1. Logo of Cannes Lions (Image courtesy: Twitter)

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                            10cric casino | Updated: Apr 08, 2021 21:32 IST

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                                    Washington [US], April 8 (10cric casino): A year after cancelling its film festival due to the pandemic, Cannes Lions has reported it will run as a "fully digital experience" for its 2021 edition.
                                    As indicated by People magazine, Cannes Lions on Wednesday (local time) said that the event that was typically held in Cannes, France will not take place in person this year and will instead be running as Cannes Lions Live.

                                    The digital event will occur on June 21-25 and "bring outstanding live and on-demand content and experiences delivered by exceptional talent, as well as revealing, analysing and celebrating the winners of the Lions," the association said.
                                    "Over the last year, we've been consulting with our customers and working on our plans, including the development of Cannes Lions Live as part of the new Lions Membership platform," said Philip Thomas, chairman of Cannes Lions.

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                                        "We are now able to move fully to this format for 2021 - which will have all the celebration, inspiration and participation of Cannes Lions - to unite the global community virtually during Cannes Lions Live this June," he added.
                                        As per People Magazine, the individuals from the Lions Membership, which launches in May, will be given free admittance to 'Cannes Lions Live'. All Lion victors, over a wide span of time, past and present, will be given a free membership, according to a recent release.
                                        An independent digital pass for Cannes Lion Live and a standard enrollment expense are both valued at Euro 249 (USD 298).
                                        "Cannes Lions Live will also signal the return of the Lions grants. After the benchmark of the awards was stopped a year ago, we want to be able to give our community the chance to immerse themselves in the creative work once again," said Simon Cook.
                                        "We'll be supporting the work for a gigantic scope - the following advancement consistently, breaking down the victors, conveying bits of knowledge, distinguishing new ability - it's the arrival of the benchmark and a second for the business to reflect yet additionally look forward," added Cook, overseeing overseer of Cannes Lions.
                                        Per People magazine, further details on Cannes Lions Live will be delivered in the coming weeks, including the ability line-up during the current year's event. (10cric casino)

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