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        10cric casino Live Service

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        The 10cric casino Live Service provides Live Video coverage of breaking news happening anywhere in India and of Indian interest stories happening anywhere in the world. All through the day, 10cric casino provides Live coverage of news events, including sports and entertainment from across India. 10cric casino specializes in incorporating its entire infrastructure to bring visuals of breaking news as it happens in the country.

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      3. 10cric casino Multimedia Videos

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        10cric casino multimedia video service provides around 40 to 50 packaged breaking news video stories per day under categories like national, world, sports business, entertainment, viral videos and so forth. The stories are sharply edited and packaged in keeping with requirements of online video news portals.

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                  10cric casino Text Wire

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                      10cric casino is committed to providing text news that targets newspapers, magazines, websites, mobiles, television channels and radio stations as its primary clients. The 10cric casino wire service offers breaking news text stories under categories like national, international, politics, business, lifestyle, health, technology, sports and entertainment.

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                    2. Other Services

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                          10cric casino provides compelling multilingual programmes aimed at international viewers interested in South Asia. We also provide a range of facilities for foreign and domestic channels to package their reports in India and uplink via satellite. These include provision of professional crews, editing and post production facilities, access to our archives, uplinking facilities, coordinators, producers and correspondents, if required. The 10cric casino video content is also available on the Reuters TV World News Service under the ‘Subcontinent' category. This service is subscribed to by channels from across the world.


                                  In today's digital world, 10cric casino’s USP is being a ‘Complete Content House', providing text, video and picture content for TV, print, mobile and online media, all under one roof.

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