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Upward Basketball Referee Handbook

Refereeing Upward Basketball Becoming an Upward Basketball Referee .... 6 Pre-Game..... 9 During the Game ..... 9 Section Two: Rule Levels to Upward Basketball The Levels of Upward Basketball..... 12

How To Referee A Basketball Game - The Key Points & Rules

No, the referees in the NBA games are on contract salaries and earn anywhere between 100,000 and 550,000 US dollars per season. A season for a referee includes full 82 games. Women’s basketball referees average around 500 dollars per game, and averagely 16,000 dollars per year which is way lower than what refs do in the NBA. Final Words

What is a Basketball Referee? (with pictures)

Officials who work at college and professional basketball events generally have extensive experience at lower levels of competition as well as formal training from a referee camp or academy. Training camps may take anywhere from ten to 15 weeks to complete, and involve extensive classroom instruction and practice events.

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We support referees at all levels of the refereeing pathway – whether just starting out or wanting to progress to referee at national and international level. For a game of basketball to take place there needs to be either two or three referees. These referees are on the court and have the power to stop the game by blowing their whistle when the rules of the game deem so. Referees make decisions such as deeming when a player has committed a foul or a violation, when a basket has been ...

How to Referee Basketball With 10 Important Tips

Why Become A Basketball Referee. Firstly, once you know how to referee basketball tournaments, you can turn it into a career. NBA refs have a decent income with plenty of benefits on the side. And even if you are in it as a hobby, you can earn extra cash officiating local high school games.

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The pathways available to referees include being able to referee at local, regional, state, national and international competitions at both junior and senior levels. Part of this development is guided by BQ's referee grading system and courses. Progression from one level to the next is based on your theory knowledge and practical expertise, and the pace of progression will differ for every referee.

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Easy intensity will be between (50-60%), Medium intensity will be around 60-80%, Hard (80-90%) and Maximum (90- 100%). Training Load It is the combination between quality (intensity) and quantity. Depends on the part of the season we will need to focus more in one of them to look for the specific benefits.

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Basketball Queensland (BQ) currently runs two development programs to progress our identified referees towards higher levels of basketball – State Referee Development Program (SRDP) and National Referee Development Program (NRDP). The SRDP was introduced in 2015-16 to further assist in providing development pathways to our State’s referees and forms an underpinning program to our NRDP, providing an advanced pathway for referees from Advanced Grade through to their State Grade (Level 2).