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Better Ways to Say Thank You in English (32 New Expressions)

Learn how to say thank you in English the same way native speakers do so you can sound natural in English and advance your vocabulary.

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Did you know saying "maybe" to an invitation could be rude?

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If you’re looking to branch out and explore other meaningful ways of saying “thank you” in your writing, we have some suggestions to get you started.

Better Ways to Say I Don't Know in English at Work

Has this happened to you at work: a colleague asks a question and you SHOULD know the answer… but you don’t.

Better Ways to Say "Thank You" | Inc.com

Want a better way to express your gratitude? Give one of these options a try.

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Need some other, BETTER ways to explain that you don't like something?

Ways to Say "I'm Proud of You" with Sincerity - Tosaylib

Whether it is a friend you're saying "I'm proud of you” to or your child, the other ways to say it mean practically the same thing and sometimes even more.

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Why is it so hard to say I love you? Or just be romantic for the sake of it?

Better Way to Say Sorry. You Won't Be Sorry!

My husband and I use this method in our marriage for WAY better communication.