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What is a combination forecast bet? | Bet Types Explained ...

A combination forecast bet allows the bettor to select between three and six participants in a race and state that any combination of these participants will finish in the top two. For example, a bettor may wish to place a combination forecast bet on three selections. This means that there are six bets being placed.

What is a Combination Forecast Bet? Betting Type Explained

A combination forecast bet is a wager that is built from three or more selections. From the selections made, the prediction that is being targeted is the exact finishing order of the top two in a particular event, such as a horse race.

Combination forecast bets | betHQ

A combination forecast bet is a combination of bets on three horses that will pay out if two of the selected horses finish in the top two positions in a race in any order. A combination forecast bet is basically a variation on traditional forecast betting, which predicts the finishing order for first and second place in a race.

What is a combination forecast bet and how does it work?

A combination forecast aims to pick the first and second-placed finishers in an event in any order using three to six selections. The number of bets involved increases from six to 30 depending on...

Combination forecast (cfc), Combination tricasts, Showcast ...

Combination forecast (cfc), Combination tricasts, Showcast, If bet. A combination forecast involves 3 or more selections in the same race, with any 2 to finish 1st and 2nd in any order to give a return. The table below shows the 6 possible winning outcomes to this bet.

What Is A Forecast Bet? Straight & Reverse Forecasts Explained

A combination forecast is all possible forecasts in all-possible orders. For example: If you choose three selections in an event there are SIX different forecast bets if you bet on all combinations of straight forecast

What is a straight forecast bet? | Bet Types Explained | Timeform

A combination forecast bet. This kind of bet is a much wider kind of forecast bet and allows you to bet on more scenarios. In a combination forecast you can select three participants, rather than just two, and this leads to six possible scenarios.

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A Straight Forecast bet allows you to select two runners where you are predicting which will finish 1st and which will finish 2nd. The Straight Forecast result is also the name of the value paid out per pound staked following the results of a race. To find out the Straight Forecast result of past races please check the BetVictor Results Feed.