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Shooting Rules. For a free throw, an official must put the ball in play before the shot is attempted. A foul shooter must have both feet behind the free-throw line when the ball is shot. Teams are permitted to have players stand on the outside of the key as the ball is shot, but they may not enter the key until the ball has left the shooter's hand.

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ART. 1 This shall be regulated by a visible shot clock. ART. 2 The tap or try for field goal shall leave the shooter's hand before the expiration of time and subsequently strike the basket ring or enter the basket before or after the shot clock period has expired.

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Striking the ball handler or shooter on the hand, while holding the ball, is not a foul – no matter how noisy or how much it hurts! The hand is part of the ball.

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As a result, the following acts will constitute a foul when committed against a ball-handler/dribbler: 1) placing two hands on the player, 2) placing an extended arm bar on the player, 3) placing and keeping a hand on the player and 4) contacting the player more than once with the same hand or alternating hands.

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- If the team committing the foul has seven or more fouls in the game, then the player who was fouled is awarded one free throw. If he makes his first shot, then he is awarded another free throw. Ten or more fouls - If the team committing the foul has ten or more fouls, then the fouled player receives two free throws. Charging

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High school basketball rules are set by an organization known as the National Federation of State High School Associations. As the name suggests, the NFHS gover

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High School Basketball Technical Foul Rule. For the most part, the rules surrounding technical fouls are the same for high school basketball players. The main difference here is the penalty. Instead of the opposing team being awarded one free throw, high school teams are awarded two free throw shots and possession of the ball.

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his shot doesn't go in, but only one free throw if his shot does go in. Three free throws are awarded if the player is fouled while shooting for a three-point goal and they miss their shot. If a player is fouled while shooting a three-point shot and makes it anyway, he is awarded one free throw. Thus, he could score four points on the play.

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Print. Beginning with the 2022-23 season, a 35-second shot clock will be permitted in high school basketball games by state association adoption. A proposal for a national rule mandating a shot clock was not approved.