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Sustainable Dog Food & Treats Made With Insect Protein - Jiminy's

Jiminy's Dog Food and Dog Treats are made with insect protein like crickets to create sustainable and nutritious products dogs love!

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Why Jiminy's Uses Insect Protein Like Crickets For Our Dog ...

Why Does Jiminy’s Use Crickets? Dogs (and humans) have been eating insects for thousands of years. But, at Jiminy’s, we are one of the first to add powdered cricket protein to our dog food and treats. AND, we’re working with experts to better understand and unlock the many health benefits for our dogs!

Complete Nutrition For Your Dog With Insect Protein- Jiminy's

CRICKETS PROVIDE GREAT NUTRITION. The star ingredient in Jiminy’s products is insect protein. We started with crickets (roasted and ground with nothing else added) and have recently added recipes with grubs. Insect protein is truly a superfood!

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Made With Sustainable Insect Protein ...

Jiminy's is on a mission to provide our dogs with a nutritious and environmentally friendly dog food that helps them save the planet by reducing their carbon paw print! By making Jiminy's dog food with insects like crickets, we can deliver more high-quality protein while using significantly less resources than beef or chicken.

Researcher crushes Jiminy 'Cricket' myth - UPI Archives

CHICAGO -- The most famous insect movie star of all time, Jiminy Cricket, is a fraud, an insect expert has charged, alleging the cartoon character is not a cricket at all. 'From the entomological...

Hypoallergenic Dog Food & Treats For Dogs With ... - Jiminy's

Insect protein is an alternative protein for the dogs and we haven’t seen dogs exhibiting allergies to this protein. In fact, veterinarians are already using Jiminy’s in elimination diets (eliminating all known allergens to try to determine what the actual allergy is) because insect protein is not an allergen.

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Jiminy Cricket, from Walt Disney's movie Pinocchio (1940) Cricket characters feature in the Walt Disney animated movies Pinocchio (1940), where Jiminy Cricket becomes the title character's conscience, and in Mulan (1998), where Cri-Kee is carried in a cage as a symbol of luck, in the Asian manner.

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Jiminy Cricket, also referred to as J. Crick, Young Crickey, and Big Cricket, is the Walt Disney version of the " Talking Cricket " ( Italian: Il Grillo Parlante ), a fictional character created by Italian writer Carlo Collodi for his 1883 children's book The Adventures of Pinocchio, which Disney adapted into the animated film Pinocchio in 1940. Originally an unnamed, minor character in Collodi's novel who is killed by Pinocchio before returning as a ghost, he was transformed for the Disney ...

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Vets are already using Jiminy's in elimination diets because insect protein is not an allergen. Insect protein is hypoallergenic, more manageable to digest, acts as a ...