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Jeunese is a probationary soul reaper who uses his natural born abilities of looking into one's spirit to do his job. He is skilled in gathering souls and collecting intel. He is full of secrets and nobody knows who he works for, but one thing is for sure: he gets the job done.

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Ctrl + F to find your scenario. You will need to know the question number. Find them on the Teamwork page. Find the edit button and press the downwards arrow to see more options. Select "Source Editor". If source editor isn't an option, click "Classic Editor", then click the "Source" tab at the top of the edit box that pops up.

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Artists: Original artwork: Tyuh X-mas Jeunese: comet

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Soccer Spirits Jeunesse Go Here To Find Out More Jeunesse is a swiftly growing skincare as well as health business that gives products as well as supplements via its around-the-world network of independent representatives or ambassadors.

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4) Jeunese ( Dark) will be subject for recall during Jan 13th 11pm - Jan 19th 11pm PST. [About the Recall System] 1. The Recall System icon will be displayed on the upper right side of the main menu. (Next to the chat button) 2. The recallable characters and recall period will be displayed when you enter the Recall System.

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Jeunese/Audio < Jeunese. Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Player Gallery Audio; Jeunese [] VA (Korean): ... Soccer Spirits Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Semiweekly Player Discussion & Guide: Jeunese (October 2016 ...

Jeunese is a nixed bag of cool stuff and shity metagame trends with the aid of a terrible conditional passive making him a 3 skill wonder. 3. ... Soccer Spirits ...

Jeunese Thoughts : soccerspirits

Jeunese is up there with Milky in absurd right now. His active is key in clearing high level colo. 1. level 1. tissuesauce. 5 years ago. requiem is meh because he isn't able to build up stacks unless he's in your backline.

Baldr - Superb Boss Match Megathread : soccerspirits

Jeunese active drains 40% HP from Angela, effectively remove her 80% DR passive. If your Jeunese is uninvested like mine, put an assist to help. You can use forward passer in the mid, but not the back. Do not let Shu attack, suicide into Angela heal her for 10-15% and that's it. Letting Shu attack means 60% HP recovered for the enemy team.

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Askeladd (30 p tw 1m) Beth (3x25 pen 10m), Jeunese (3x15 act tw 45m), Jacob (3x15 tw act 45m), ... Subreddit for the Soccer-based Tactical Card Game, Soccer Spirits ...