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nophilter_1. · 1y. Worst is any shoulder tendonitis or rotator cuff injury. By far the most painful cause you can’t hit full force when swinging even if it otherwise feels fine. It also is a haunting injury after I stopped playing as it always flares for a week when I re agitate it. 5. level 1. Svastikopteris. · 1y S.

Recovery from severe ankle sprain : volleyball - reddit

It really comes down to severity of injury and rehab. I had a grade 2/3 sprain and was out for 2-3 months. Recovery to pre injury playing took a couple more months after that, including the mental aspect. It was also my first ankle injury though, so ymmv if you've previously injured that ankle.

Mallet finger, anyone else ever have this injury? : volleyball

setmehigh. · 8y 6'5". My girlfriend just had this problem, she broke her finger and had to have it splinted for a couple of months. it's better now, but still stiff. 1. level 1. juiceboxme. · 7y Canadian Coach. Go to a doctor if the tendon is kaput. You may need surgery.

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cush. MB 2 points · 5 years ago. Easiest solution: Tape your pinky and ring fingers together. Harder solution: When you go up to block, stretch your hand so that your thumbs are pointed up (helping you wrap the ball better). This will leave your pinky on the bottom basically unexposed to the ball. level 1.

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Adam’s volleyball injury. As another addition to the outrageous things that happen on Degrassi, in Doll Parts Armstrong spikes the volleyball hitting Adam in the face messing up his nose and just.... doesn’t apologize? He’s like someone go get ice but never acknowledges that he’s the one that hit him 😭 that’s what they get for ...

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Hey everyone! I've played volleyball competitively for about 12 years or so and I am an outside hitter. First time posting in here and like the title says, I'm going in to get an MRI on my hitting shoulder this Friday and have a couple questions for people who have had a similar injury.

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Yesterday I watched a match of women's volleyball, and 10 minutes into the game there was a wrist injury. Close. ... help Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.