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How to Serve a Volleyball

Here are a few fundamentals of learning to overhand serve for right-handed players. How to Serve a Volleyball. 1. Start in an up-and-back stride with most of your weight on your back right foot. 2. The left hand holds the volleyball extended forward and in front of your right side. 3.

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Where: L a is the distance from the serve location (behind the end line) to the net, along the direction the volleyball is served L b is the arbitrary distance from the net to where the ball lands on the other side of the court, along the direction the volleyball is served d is the distance beyond the net where the ball lands α is the angle the volleyball trajectory makes with the side line The following schematic shows a view of the volleyball trajectory, between the point of serve and the ...

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Underhand Serve . This serve is used mainly in recreational volleyball. It does not require the level of skill or coordination that the other types of serves do. With one foot stepped back, you hold the ball in your opposite hand. Then with your other hand fisted, shift your weight forward and hit the ball just below the center (or equator) of the ball.

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For the basic underhand serve, you will use your dominant hand to strike the ball. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, with your non-dominant foot forward. Hold the ball in your opposite hand, cupping the ball like on a golf tee. Hold the ball low, at around waist level and out in front of yourself.

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Here we have Taylor performing a flawless volleyball serve!!

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Serving: When a volleyball is served, the server exerts an upward, and forward, force on the ball. Meanwhile, gravity is exerting a downward force on the volleyball. This downward force is what causes the ball to fall down on the opponent's side, after clearing the net.

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Arm Swing- After ball is tossed, both arms are extended in the sagittal plane on the 2nd step, then rotated forwards on the third to be flexed and extended with the jump. Hitting arm is drawn back with a flexed, high elbow. Body-hips are externally rotated.