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How to Pass a Volleyball | Set up for Volleyball

To pass a volleyball we want our feet shoulder width apart with our knees bent ensuring our weight is over our toes, with our palms open and facing the sky place one on the other and fully straighten our arms. to perform the pass we keep our arms locked and extend our knees and body towards the ball as it contacts our platform.

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Line Hitting Drill. This volleyball hitting drill focuses on hitting down the line as well as getting into a passing rhythm setting up the shot down the line. Volleyball Pass-Set-Hit Drills. These volleyball pass-set-hit drills focus on getting into the rhythm of pass-set-hit.

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The two types of passes are the forearm pass and the overhead pass. When it comes to passing, forearm passing is the main technique used in volleyball. The forearm pass is the act of controlling the ball in such a way that it’s directed to the setter. The setter needs an accurate pass in order to set an attacker.

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In this video we go over the critical elements of a set pass in volleyball.

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How to Set a Volleyball: A Beginner’s Guide 1. Be ready to move.. As the passer is making contact, you should be anticipating where they are sending the ball. Are... 2. Get under the ball in time to receive it in the proper position.. Imagine for a moment that I gave you a 2-liter of... 3. Before ...

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How it Works. The server will serve a ball to the defense, who must then make a pass to the setter. The setter will then attempt to make a perfect set to the coach standing at the net – if successful, the team will receive +1.

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Body Positioning for the Overhead Pass 1. Angle of the Forearms The forearms need to be angled to your target. If your passes are too high or too low, adjust... 2. Speed of the Ball The faster the ball is coming, the less arm forward movement that is needed to pass the ball. 3. The Position of Your ...

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Arms and shoulders shouldn't be too high or too close to your body. The perfect distance to hold your passing arms from your body ...you should be able to fit a ball underneath your armpits. Passing in volleyball: As the server tosses the ball the passer's hands come off the knees and extend out in front of you.