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Wiping the Block - Volleyball Toolbox

The “Wipe” is just one way to tool the block. Coach Cary Wendell Wallin’s drill helps teach hitters to feel what is is like to push a ball into a block and wipe it to the outside so that it goes out of bounds. The drill begins with a defender at the net and the hitter slightly off the net. The coach will set the ball tight to the net.

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Learn how to score a point when you receive a tight set from your setter! This volleyball tutorial talks about the best technique to deal with tight sets an...

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You wipe the block in such a way that you are in control of the fact that the blocker is the last person to touch the ball before it lands outside of the sidelines, on your team's side. Types of Hits in Volleyball: "The wipe" this term describes the wiping action a spiker's arm motion will do when the player is aiming the ball for an opposing blocker's outside hand.

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The Wipe To "wipe the block" is the same as "tool the block." Savvy outside hitters learn how to wipe the ball in such a way that it looks like they are intentionally going to hit the ball out of bounds, but what they are really doing are positioning themselves so that when they hit or tip the ball into the blockers hands, the ball will bounce back outside of the sidelines, scoring their team ...

Tips for Tooling the Block - USA Volleyball

When you’ve closed your feet to the ball, you’ll have the opportunity to take a tight set and wipe it off the block, thus tooling the block into the antenna for a point. To practice this skill, we cut the court in half and play doubles in front of the 10-foot line. The small court forces players to tool the block to score." Rob Heidger

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The "wiping or using the block" is a hitting technique is based on a spiker learning how to spike a volleyball in a way that they aim the ball for the outside hand of the blocker that's closest to the antenna,. After the ball is deflected off of the outside hand of the blocker it bounces outside the court lines.

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Type of Volleyball Hits: The Wipe The wipe describes the wiping action of a spiker's arm motion when the attacker aims the ball for an opposing blocker's outside hand. The blocking arm and hand closest to the antenna presents a target that the spiker aims for, so when the ball deflects back off the hand, it travels out of bounds, outside the sideline on the hitter's side or the blocker's side off the court.

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A wipe in volleyball is when a setter or the hitter senses the pressure of a defender (or block), therefore they hit the ball into the defender’s hands, with the intention that the ball will go out of bounds. Examples Of How Wipe Is Used In Commentary. 1. Sensing that the defenders are ready to block their attack, Logan mindfully pushes the ball into the blocker’s hands and out of bounds in order to gain the point.