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Not only in the BitLife, even in your real-life do not depend and dream only to win a lottery someday. Winning a lottery is just a random and rare thing. You will have to waste lots of your time and money on lotteries. So other than dreaming, only a lottery jackpot win focuses on building your life and becoming a rich and wealthier person by working hard and smart.

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There is no trick to winning the lottery in BitLife, sadly. Just like in real life it relies on a healthy dose of luck to get the big bucks for free. However, you can make life easier for yourself in a number of different ways. Here’s how the lottery works in BitLife: visit the ‘Misc’ section of the menu to find the option to buy a lottery ticket.

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If you acquire the lucky dice heirloom, you can also boost your chances of winning the lottery. Every day, you have a chance to win an heirloom, so if you come across the lucky dice, it’s time to buy tickets. You must choose the dice from your Assets section and play with them. After you’ve finished playing with your dice, go out and buy a lottery ticket, and you should be able to win the Bitlife lottery jackpot.

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It’s that winning the lottery in BitLife – Life Simulator is much easier – and more likely – than in real life. You just have to be persistent. You just have to be persistent.

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When you see text like “A fortune cookie told me to play the lottery” go and buy a lottery ticket immediately. Here, the chances of you grabbing the jackpot are almost 100%. Another interesting way of making sure that you win something from the lottery is to enable BitLife notifications.

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On average, according to most players, their chances of winning the lottery if they dutifully buy ten tickets a year are around one lottery win out of every three or four characters. Even though you can make multiple purchases per year, this is still fairly true.

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You will get a message that says you "received a lottery tip" and you should play. If you get that alert, head into the game and buy a few lottery tickets. One of those should be a winner, it is pretty much a 100% chance to win. To do this, you will need to enable BitLife to send you notifications in the settings of your phone.

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Purchasing ten lottery tickets at once may increase the chances of your winning and go in your favor. Although buy 10 tickets may cost you $50, it speeds up the process. Buy at least 10 Tickets every year; Keep an Eye on the text shown under your Age No. Besides that, the game features a fair system that means you can’t use any cheat or hack system to win Lottery in Bitlife. With every passing year, the game keeps displaying you a text under your age.